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75 Pakistan Banknotes


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Collecting banknotes is a fascinating journey into the past, and the Pakistan banknotes collection stands out with its rich historical tapestry. Born from the vestiges of British India in 1947, Pakistan swiftly etched its own identity on its currency.

Diverse Denominations, Unique Stories:

  • Rs 10: A beginner's favorite, it paints a picture of influential leaders and the nation's beauty.
  • Rs 20: A snapshot of cultural landmarks, an essential for those collecting banknotes from Pakistan.
  • Rs 50: Illustrating the nation's dreams and strides.
  • Rs 100: Capturing Pakistan’s breathtaking landscapes and majestic architecture.
  • Rs 500: A reflection of the economic and social pulse of the nation.
  • Rs 1000 & Rs 5000: These high denominations showcase significant milestones and the economic vigor of Pakistan.

In essence, every note in the Pakistan banknotes collection is a page from the country's history book. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, each banknote offers a unique tale, waiting to be discovered. Dive into the world of Pakistan banknotes and hold history in your hands.

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