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Welcome to NoteHobby's collection of Congolese Franc banknotes, a vibrant showcase of Congo's dynamic history and culture. Our collection features a wide range of authentic Congolese banknotes, each one a testament to the country's rich heritage.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, often referred to as the DRC or Congo (Kinshasa), is the second-largest country in Africa. Its currency, the Congolese Franc, has a fascinating history that mirrors the country's own journey.

Introduced in 1887, the first Franc had the same value as the Belgian Franc. It circulated in the countries of Burundi and Rwanda in 1916 before both countries issued their own Franc. In 1967, following Congo's declaration of independence, the Zaire replaced the Franc, with 1,000 Francs equivalent to 1 Zaire. The Franc was then re-introduced in 1997, replacing Zaire at an exchange rate of 1 Franc to 100,000 new Zaires. This was equivalent to 300 trillion old francs.

Our collection includes banknotes of various denominations, each featuring unique designs that reflect Congo's diverse culture and history. From images of local flora and fauna to depictions of significant historical events and figures, each banknote offers a unique glimpse into Congo's past and present.

At NoteHobby, we're passionate about offering authentic and rare banknotes that allow you to delve into the world through numismatics. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a budding enthusiast, our Congolese Franc banknotes collection offers a unique journey into Congo's rich history and culture.

Each banknote in our collection is carefully preserved, ensuring its historical and collectible value remains intact. As you explore our collection, you're not just viewing banknotes - you're stepping into the captivating story of Congo, one banknote at a time.

Start your exploration today with NoteHobby and add a piece of Congo's rich heritage to your collection.

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